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Help with Airline Ticket Pricing

Help with Airline Ticket Pricing?
Ok. I don't fly very much. Actually I've only even flown one time like 9 year ago. Anyway. I'm looking at flights from either Pittsburgh, PA or Harrisburg, PA to Las Vegas, NV. I want leave June 24 and return on June 27. Can anyone tell me a good fare would be? I've been looking at the different sites, but with my lack of flying experience I don't really know what kind of fares are good ones. I'm afraid I'll be suckered into an expensive one. Thanks!
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I just paid $49 + taxes on AirTran from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale and $98 back on US Airways. Just keep looking around and be flexible with your departure times. If we had come back at 5pm instead of noon we would have gotten the $49 on the way back too.
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I would say 99-149 Each Way Is a Reasonable Price. Both Airtran And American Airlines are offering those types of fares on your dates. To Save even more, use Priceline's Name your Own Price Service.
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I fly into and out of Pittsburgh all the time. The problem with that airport is that it's not considered a "high traffic" airport, so tickets are generally more expensive than say, NYC or Orlando or something. But, you are going to Vegas and tickets there are usually cheaper than anywhere else in the country. So, from Pittsburgh I'd say anything under $300 would be reasonable. You can use a variety of websites to do comparisons. They'll find the absolute lowest fare for you. I recommend Just type in all your info and they'll get you the lowest fares. The only problem with sites like this is that they don't search the independent airlines like Southwest, Jet Blue, or Air Tran. So, you'd have to check those airlines separately and compare costs. Good luck to you.
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Under $300 would be good. Right now, you can book it for $284 with Northwest from PIT. -- the cheapest I see available currently. It's a little bit cheaper ($249) if you could depart night of the 23rd, and take the overnight back arriving morning of 27th. If you don't want to lock in and book those fares yet, then sign up for alerts on this route here:,%20NV%20(LAS)&p=1&s=r&t=r&departure=PIT&type=homepage I have seen it go under $200.

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