Friday, September 14, 2012

Anyone know of any real good cheap airfare websites

Anyone know of any real good cheap airfare websites?
I am trying to from Pittsburgh, PA to Ft. Meyers, FL tomorrow. I know that is short notice for a flight but I am just wondering if anyone knows of any websites that offer good rates. The cheapest I can come up with is $203 + taxes. I went on yahoo and typed in cheap airfare and I think I have tried just about every website but I thought maybe someone would know something I don't. Thanks for any help!
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1 :
I would chose US Airways but you will need to connect to Philadelphia or charlotte.
2 :
hi.. please ceheck WWW.CHEAPAIR.COM i bought from themm EXCELLENT WEB or
3 :
200 is a pretty good price even many weeks before hand, so getting that the night before is probably the best you can do
4 :
I hope I'm not too late, try this travel website:
5 :
Try , its the best one to book air tickets at cheap prices , also have last minute deals.

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