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Flight Booking..KLM..times and differences...

Flight Booking..KLM..times and differences...?
I am trying to book flight from London (LHR) to Pittsburgh (PIT). I am looking on different websites, and KLM seems to have the best price for the dates I need. I know this is going to be a VERY long flight, but I don't understand the times being displayed, could you explain it to me please?? (I will be flying out on the 15th of Dec 2010 and returning on 28th Feb 2011) Departure: 09:25 London - Arrival:12:45 Detroit. Departure: 15:25 Detroit - Arrival: 16:31 Pittsburgh. Travel time: 12h06 So it says my total travel time is just over 12hours. But Then it says on the 15th of December I will get from London to Pittsburgh from 9:25 to 16:31 which is only like 6 hours. Maybe this is because of some sort of time difference...even still it doesn't make sense to me. But if the travel time is 12hr06 then I should get from London to Pittsburgh from 9:25 (London time) to around 21:30 (London time) 21:30 London time is 16:30 Pittsburgh seems like I have made some sense of it... But will my brain not just think I will be living such a LONG day...since I traveled 12 hours over a 6 hour period...kinda thing...? (This is my first time flying alone, so that's why I sound so confused...) Thank you for your input.
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The Arrival and Departure times for flights are always listed as the local time for that airport. So your flight will leave London at 9:25am London Time and arrive in Detroit at 12:45pm Detroit Time. Leave Detroit at 3:25pm and get into Pittsburgh at 4:31pm Pittsburgh is 5 hours behind london, so if you add 5 hours to the Pittsburgh time it will get you 2131. And if you add the travel time to the departure from London you get 2131.
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It seems that you got the sense of it. That first day should seem long because you are flying east to west. If you are not used to it, you might get some jet lag. However, in the way back to London, the day will pass pretty quickly and you will find yourself quickly into next day. Normal aircraft fly slower than the Earth's rotation around itself, but definitely faster than "stationary" objects on ground. So as time changes normally for things on ground, the aircraft's time runs slower as it goes in the same direction as Earth's rotation. When it goes in the other direction (west to east), time runs faster as it goes against the rotation of the Earth. I hope that makes sense. Fun thing to say is that according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, fast objects have their internal clocks go slower. So flying on an aircraft slows your internal clock. But since aircraft's speed is so small in relation to the speed of light, the slowness is very small to be noticed.

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