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Have you ever been on a plane when there was an emergency landing

Have you ever been on a plane when there was an emergency landing?
I was once on a flight from Philadelphia that had to be diverted to Pittsburgh and we all had to get on a different plane. They didn't say that it was an "emergency landing," but I'm sure that it must have been.
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I flew from St. Louis to Houston. Halfway through the flight my dad passed out and fell against the shoulder of a Nurse who was traveling with her husband who is a doctor. The captain decided to make an emergency landing in Little Rock, Arkansas. My dad ended up being ok (needed new blook pressure medication), but they did call it an emergency landing.
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maybe like once but the plane was back in the air pretty quickly! Maybe what you said was an emergency landing but we never had to get on another plane... idk =)
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Nope, but when we landed, the plane failed inspection. It had a major engine problem that I read about in the paper. Also happened in Little Rock, AR. (twilight zone music)
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A diversion is not necessarily an emergency landing. "Emergency" has a specific meaning with respect to aviation regulations and air traffic control. A flight might divert for bad weather, a problem with a passenger, etc., but it need not declare an emergency to do so. Pilots declare an emergency to air traffic controllers when they have a problem with the airplane that is so serious that they need to expedite landing. ATC then moves other traffic out of the way so that the emergency aircraft can land as soon as possible. Usually this is something like an equipment failure. It is rare to make emergency landings for medical problems among passengers, because situations in which an emergency landing might make a difference are actually quite exceptional—usually, either the patient can be stabilized and an emergency need not declared, or the patient is in such bad shape that he won't survive even with an immediate landing.
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yeah! American DC10 (it was a while back!) out of DFW, engine blew with a big "BANG" about 45 seconds after takeoff and instead of ascending, all of a sudden we were descending....f/a came on "ladies and gentlemen, we have heard a noise...that's all we know...but be assured that whatever's going on, they are working very hard in the cockpit to fix it"....we were all very relieved when altitude stabilized, captain came on PA to tell us what had happened, back to DFW about 20 minutes later and change out the plane!

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