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30 minutes between connecting flights? Will it work

30 minutes between connecting flights? Will it work?
I'm travelling from Pittsburgh to Panama City, and I booked a flight through Southwest. They automatically assigned the connecting flight - it's in Orlando, but my layover time is just 25 minutes. I'm worried about not only making the flight, but also: should I check my bags? I've only flown once before, and I'm just worried even if I manage to make the flight, my luggage won't. Any thoughts, tips? Thanks! Also... what happens if the initial flight is delayed and I miss the second flight? What happens then?
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if that's the connection the system assigned, then it's "legal" for you and your bags. If you should miss it due to late incoming flight, it will be up to Southwest to rebook you
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That is what you get for lower price, stop more often and change the plane seat more often. Higher price plane give you a straight location without stops. Shouldn't be problem if airport is small, if it's huge then it maybe will be a problem.
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That is a really dicey connection. If the first flight is even 5 minutes late, you could end up missing the next flight. It may take you 15 minutes to get off of the first plane and get to the gate for the second - unless it happens to be right next to the arrival gate. If you miss it, then it is up to Southwest to get you on the next flight that has an available seat. Now, with so many flights being booked so full these days, the next available seat might be several flights in the future. It is really best not to miss one. Even if you do make the connection, there is a good chance that your checked luggage will <not> make it. I would call Southwest and try to arrange for a different connection with more time.
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Are both flights with Southwest? Although it really doesn't matter, 25 minutes is not enough time, no matter what the situation is. It is very unlikely, your bags will make it onto the other plane.
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That is pretty close. Carry your bag and be ready to run when you get off the plane. If you are heading to Panama City Beach for a vacation check out for things to do. Good luck!

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