Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two planes hit the World Trade Center, Does anyone know a family member of those who were aboard either plane

Two planes hit the World Trade Center, Does anyone know a family member of those who were aboard either plane?
There must be many who have family members who were aboard those two flights. Out of all the planes hijacked that day, Flight 11 had the most people on board with 92. Does anyone know any of theses people? United said flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco, a Boeing 757, had crashed south of Pittsburgh. The airline said it had no other details of how many people were on board. Why would they not know? They have a passenger list don't they.
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My old Loss Prevention Manager's brother in law was on the first plane.
2 :
I don't... but my heart goes out to anyone who did have family on the flight.
3 :
i have to assume your point is that you believe these flights were faked, that the tragedy that day was orchestrated to justify our attacking poor innocent middle eastern nations...and elvis actually lived and married jfk and they reside in chicago now, retired from running a kfc...the moon shots were all done on a soundstage in la and there really is an area 51, that's where oswald and ruby went to live after dallas
4 :
I didn't know any one on the planes but my wife knew some of the fire fighters that were killed
5 :
No not personally, But I shall never forget them .and i can't image that kind of loss. God bless each family and heal their broken hearts is my prayer. God's.Blessing for all.
6 :
My High school history teacher was the last person out of the 2nd tower before it fell. I don't know anyone on-board of the flights, but my heart goes out to all the people who had/have/known anyone on any of those 4 horrific flights that clear, sunny tuesday morning.
7 :
I'm guessing they don't spend much time on YA! David Angell and Barbara Olsen are huge losses.
8 :
i don't know anyone that was on the planes, but i still pray for their families.
9 :
The passengers' names were listed by the airline.
10 :
I live just north of Boston and no I did not lose a family member but yes I did know two people in my area that were present on the planes that horrible day.

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