Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights???
I need help finding a cheap flight from Pittsburgh National Airport to San Diego National Airport in the next two days...cany one have any advice or know any good websites?? its EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we (my husband and I) make it to California to make a court hearing on Monday morning!?!?!?
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gee, you didn't wait till the last moment.go to a travel agent..they are free and they are experts.........
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Go to a travel agent. They may only charge you a small fee where these websites charge larger fees. or call an airline directly and book through them.
3 : Check out their "Ding" options... These are last min tickets that they just want to sell to fill seats... I usually find a good deal at I have used it the last 4 times I have flown and got cheeper flights then at the official websites of all the carriers I looked at...
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5 : is my favorite search engine that scans multiple airlines. Unlike Travelocity, Expedia, etc , they link you to the airlines booking site so they don't charge handling fees. They also show comparison findings of other sites like and Orbitz, so is really a 1-stop shop. FYI: I am not their employee, I just think it's a good site. I see you did not mention a possible return date. Using kayak, here's my findings: (Prices INCLUDE all taxes and fees, however airline prices do fluctuate throughout the day rather like the stock market so they may be different when you check.) For 1-way flights with 1 stop: $300 leaving 2/23 7:30am on Continental, arrives San Diego 2:03 pm and is 9.5hrs duration $314 leaving 2/23 many diff times on Delta, 8hr+ duration $352 leaving 2/23 6 different times on Southwest,varying durations averaging about 7.25 hrs. Shortest duration leaves at 3pm, arrives 6:50pm and is 6hrs and 50 mins duration. For Sunday, it's a little more: $372 leaving 2/24 1:45pm on US Airways 7 hrs duration ($358 leaving 2/24 but has 2 stops and its not worth the added stress just to save $14) ********************************** ROUND TRIP FLIGHTS look like they involve red-eye flight on your return home: $618 departing PIT 2/23 7:30am on Continental then on 2/24 depart SAN at 10:40pm on Delta ( came up with this combo when I checked "round trip", I believe it means the 2 airlines have a friendly agreement.) $444 leaving PIT on Sunday 2/24 6:17am, arrive SAN at 12:42, duration 9hr 25 mins incudes 2 stops/change of airlines. Then leave SAN on Tues 2/26 6:40 am arrive PIT 5:05pm. That return flight is on Continental is 7.5 hrs duration with just 1 stop. There is also a 6hrs duration option: leave SAN at 1pm arrive PIT at 10:42 pm None of the cheapest flights are direct. Good luck and have a safe and comfortable flight; also remember they may not serve food onboard, so pack some.

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