Monday, March 21, 2011

I want to get a cheap flight home

I want to get a cheap flight home?
I am goin to be traveling home from Pittsburgh the 28th of Dec. I need three tickets any suggestions for getting the best price?
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1 :
OMG! Try or for great rates. They list all taxes and fees upfront and dont wait until the last page to surprise you.
2 :
best website I ever seen, and it has the best prices
3 :
considering it is high season and last minutes...good luck. try a travel agency in Pitts. since you don't say to where.
4 :
From where? This is really important to be able to answer your question well, and not just poke pet websites at you. Please update your question to add this detail, and how long you need to stay, and I will check back later to complete my answer for you.
5 :
You haven't told us where you are travelling from.

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