Monday, March 14, 2011

Is America over the top with its obvious fear of foreigners

Is America over the top with its obvious fear of foreigners?
An Australian woman was questioned by uniformed officials and accused of swearing aggressively at stewardesses, after landing from a SkyWest airlines flight to Pittsburgh. Apparently the lady asked for some pretzels and when told there were none she said "fair dinkum" which in Australian colloquial terminology simply means 'really?' or 'it is genuine'. So not only are Australians fingerprinted and photographed for visiting the USA it seems we are not even allowed to talk anymore! The constant stream of anti-foreigner messages on Yahoo Answers is one thing but bizarre stories of paranoia like this makes me wonder about Americans.
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1 :
I just dont understand how people can have anything against Australians. They are truely the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met. We are all people. We just look and talk differently according to where we are from.
2 :
yes, it is an ignorant nation- i should know, i live there
3 :
well , they should be so.
4 :
I apologize for this American ignorance. It's inexcusable, bureaucratic bullshit.

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