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why? Does a federal court have jurisdiction, what kind

why? Does a federal court have jurisdiction, what kind?
EXAMPLE 1.Wayne Jones, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, is severely injured when an Allegheny flight carrying him from Pittsburgh to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, crashes on landing. Jones has damages of over $250,000, EXAMPLE2.Allegheny Airlines is incorporated in Delaware and has flights throughout the states of Pennsylvania,Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, and also in Washington, D.C. Which state courts have jurisdiction, what kind of jurisdiction, and why? Does a federal court have jurisdiction, what kind?
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The Judicial Districts (in States) were ALL Abolished in 1856 by the Act of the 34th Congress. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1860 reviewed the Act of the 34th Congress ordered ALL the States in Existence at that time to CLOSE DOWN all the Court's of law and ALL Court's complied in every State in 1860. Today, all courts from top to bottom are Statutory courts, created by the Legislature and are in fact and in law lower district federal courts limited by Statute. There are only executive and legislative branches in each STATE. There is no judicial branch in your STATE. Courts are administrative agencies, only. You simply need to research the contitutional relationship between agencies and courts. The United States District Court is the Title 28 USC court, for the district of your STATE, however it is separate and exclusive from the courts within the exterior boundaries within your STATE. It is called Statutory jurisdiction, and choice of court will likely affect the outcome.

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