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Will my flight be turbulent

Will my flight be turbulent?
I am flying from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis on Sept. 6th, at about 4 pm eastern time.
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There's no way to answer this. It's totally dependent on the day. Tomorrow, go to and check out their aviation weather site, it'll give you a gist of turbulence reports as reported by pilots Go to the link in the source, and click on the region you are in for pilot reports.
2 :
Probably, this time of year there are numerous thunderstorms in the afternoon around the Midwest, and they are in the forecast for September 6th. Just stay buckled and you'll be fine!
3 :
Kinda tough to say without a crystal ball...
4 : keep checking that the day you have to leave, it should help give you some insight as to what the turbulance may be like when you leave.
5 :
It's impossible to say with certainty, but the longer the flight, the more likely it is to encounter turbulence.
6 :
WHo knows! it might be windy up there, nobody knows until you're up there and experiencing it. It's not a big deal, turbulence. just chill, get a glass of wine and you'll e fine.
7 :
Turbulence is caused by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface, which makes some places to be warmer than others and thus they generate convective (upward) wind currents. Warm air is lighter than colder air, and so it tends to go upwards and this is how those convective currents are created. However, this is not a threat for airplanes. The biggest threat is a cloud called Cumulus Nimbus but all pilots in the world we know we have to avoid them and this is what we use the meteorological radar for. Turbulence is invisible and unpredictable. But if there is turbulence during your flight, don't panic. Airplanes are designed to support turbulence. Have a great flight.

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