Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pittsburgh to Europe?! 10 points best answer!

Pittsburgh to Europe?! 10 points best answer!?
I need to find a flight that will take you from Pittsburgh, PA to any where in Europe (preferably a place where you can transfer to India) I also need to know the cost of traveling(on the plane), the flight number, and the time it would take to get from pgh to Europe. Please Help me and if you give the best answer, 10 points! Thanks! (if you could please provide where you found this information out!) Thank you very much!
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US Airways goes out of Pittsburgh, and you would transfer in NYC. Or, take United to Chicago. Going through London is your best bet for India (and probably the cheapest of the better airlines). Go to, to check the flights.
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Wow this is cool..I just flew in to India in November from Pittsburgh Airport. The route I went through was great. Pittsburgh to Detroit to Amsterdam to Delhi.

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