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Flight 93 shot down and a military cover up

Flight 93 shot down and a military cover up?
Was flight 93 shot down because some people living near the crash said they saw a fighter jet trailing behind it. They also said that the jet was upside down when it crashed because I went to the memorial in pittsburgh. Well do you think a jet that big can do a barral roll like that on its own??? i dont think it can, it would cause to much stress on the wings!!! I believe that the jet shot a missle and hit one of the engines on the wing which since it loses thrust on one side, it will cause it to do barral rolls and go upside down... This whole thing was mostly a huge military cover up to me. please leave out any nasty comments because i do believe that is what happened to it...
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Tin foil hats available in the lobby. No pushing.
2 :
omg...really could it be lol
3 :
Yay for more ridiculous conspiracy theories.
4 :
People living in Shanksville say no such things. The idiots they got on those 9/11truth and Loose Change videos don't live in shanksville and didn't see anything. Yes I am calling them liars and crazies and if you believe it you too are in like minded company.
5 :
and do you think it just as likely that someone turned the jet or killed one sides engines, or gave full throttle on oneside????
6 :
I love how civilians with absolutely no background explain the physics of aerodynamics to other civilians. Most civilians don't even know the difference between a gulfstream jet and a fighter jet while looking at it from the ground!! If you believe it's a conspiracy move to another country!
7 :
First, all aircraft are capable of flying pretty radical maneuvers. Second, the loss of one engine is not a major issue for an aircraft unless it also lost a wing. If it lost a wing, it would drop that wing and then cartwheel. Third, no credible report places either a fighter aircraft near the scene or indicated the aircraft wen down upside down.
8 :
You're an idiot. Just because you went to the memorial site and talked to some people, that makes you an expert? wow...and to think...I'm fighting for your freedom to say trash like this...what a world we live in....
9 :
When the Boeing 707 was first demonstrated to the airline executives the pilot performed a roll in front of the reviewing stand. The president of Boeing wanted to kill the pilot until his V.P. in charge of sales told him that several airlines forfeited non-refundable deposits with McDonald-Douglas to change their orders to the 707. You can look it up. As far as conspiracy theories go remember: "Three can keep a secret, if two are dead."
10 :
Hey, thanks ! I hadn't ever seen this fantasy theory before, cool ! You won't understand this I'm sure-at the time of the Flight 93 crash at 580 mph (which was documented) the USA still didn't realize it was a terrorist attack.
11 :
I wish the conspiracy theorist would make up your minds. One day it is the military shot down flight 93. The next day, it is, there was no airline crash in PA Hm, so a fighter, fired a missile at an airliner at 40,000 feet, hit the air liner, then followed the airliner down so far, that those on the ground near the crash site saw it. Now that's far fetched.
12 :
I think that jet can do a barrel roll, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's just as likely that it was shot down as it is that the passengers rushed the cabin. Consider the available information: it is known that passengers on the flight were in contact with people not on the flight with their cell phones. Those people on the flight knew what happened in NYC and in DC. They knew their plane was hijacked. They knew it was likely they were going to die if they didn't act. I too lean towards the theory that the military shot it down, but what else could they have done? At that point, the plane was a giant missile. If that were the case, I think it's nice that they fabricate a story of heroism on the plane, it is a nicer way to remember those people.
13 :
The basic facts are that a few brave souls on board Flight 93 attempted to regain control of the jet by rushing the hijackers who had breached the cockpit. It is believed there was a scuffle to seize the controls when the jet began it's turn and plunged to the earth. Fighter jets had arrived and yes they did have orders to shoot the jet down. This was supposedly the one en route to the White house. The fighter jets never had to fire.
14 :
Another Kool Aid Drinker On The Loose!
15 :
Well, seeing as how you weren't there i suggest you quit saying crap like that. I say you respect those who died stopping that plane rather than start saying stupid stuff like that and making it like a game.
16 :
Check out what mac-a-licious said. It's completely true. The test pilot for the 707, on it's grand opening, whatever you call it flight, did a friggin Barrel Roll! Just because these planes are big, don't for a second think that they can't manuever.
17 :
If it was shot by a missile I believe investigators would have discovered remains of explosives scattered around the debris of the plane and there would have been clear evidence of a missile penetration or explosion hole in the plane debris. And if I'm not wrong, Flight 93 was hijacked by 4 Islamic terrorists and they could have crashed the plane. And it is normal in the circumstances of a airplane hijack that military fighters would be scambled to follow the airplane, only at last resort when it is confirmed that the hijacked plane is going to crash at a populated or important area then would they fire, this may sound inhumane but it will save more lives.

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