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Aren't you tired of the Pittsburgh Steelers losing

Aren't you tired of the Pittsburgh Steelers losing?
They lost 3 straight. It's time for superstars to start playing hurt in order to keep winning these games. I know what Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin is trying to do and it isn't working. He's trying to keep everyone off the field that's been injured so that they can heal and be ready for the later of the season and playoff games. However, if the Steelers can't win without their superstars (Rothlisberger and Polamalu) then their won't be any playoffs at all. It's not like the Steelers to lose 3 straight games. It's been years since the Steelers lost 3 straight games I might add. They're going to have to play hurt that's all their is to it especially if you seem to be losing without your star players. Not making excuses for my team but the Steelers star players mean that much to the team and it's hard for them to win without them. Maybe the 2nd stringers should go crazy and get in a fight or flight response and get this extra energy from deep within and play as if their lives were actually at stake. They'd win then. :) Play as if someone was trying to do something to their family or something, I don't know. Something that would have sacrificial value to them. So they can step their game up while the stars are out on the bench. I'm a true Steelers fan regardless and I'm putting Steelers on my car when I get the chance. :)
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1 :
noo i lovee ittt. cowboys :)
2 :
No, I'm tired of New York Giants losing.
3 :
nope I love it. You should be happy because you're team is shedding some of the bandwagon and fairweather fans, the true fans will stick with them after 3 losses. Sorry but my team is 1-10 so I hardly could care less about your team losing 3 in a row. Sorry I will root for the Ohio team even if it is the Bengals.
4 :
First of all, the hardest thing to do in sports is to repeat as a Champion. Every team you face looks at this game as their Super Bowl because they want to knock off the champs. It's tough when your best players go down with injuries, but sometimes you can't take a chance with them, especially head injuries. Sure the game is important, but the rest of their lives are important, too.
5 :
It was torture watching the Dolphin's lose to the Bill's.
6 :
on the flip side, its not like they got destroyed. But I do see your point because they still play the ravens once more and the ravens are 2 games up on the conference also. It looks like it will come down to the 2nd to the last game of the season.
7 :
No. Baltimore Ravens all the way!
8 :
I don't watch them often. But, just knowing the steelers lost makes it a better day. I would like to thank all of the team members who made this feeling possible.
9 :
Well, there isn't going to be any playoffs for the Steelers this year, so we may as well accept that and not panic over it. The Steelers long term success has rested on their leadership's abiltiy to focus on the long term and not to panic for a short term fix that hurts the long term. Keeping Roethlisberger off the field fits into this trend, as winning one game against the Ravens was not guarenteed to get them into the playoffs this year and could badly hurt them long term. As far as Polamalu, he has played hurt in the past, and he is not the same player when he is hurt as when he is healthy. His game relies on his explosiveness on sacks and on pass defense and when he is at his best he can be relied on to make at least one unbelievable, game changing play in every game. But when his legs have been injured, you don't see those plays from him and you may as well have a healthy Tyrone Carter out there. Steelers are still set up well for the next few years. Ben has a good, young bunch of receivers to go with Ward and they will only get better. They have found a very solid RB in Mendenhall and the offensive line, when healthy, is becoming solid. They defense continues to be able to plug in new players every year and remain a top notch unit. They do need an offense that can move the chains and keep the defense rested and that failing is why they have had 4th quarter collapses. If they had better special teams play this season, they'd only have 2 loses at most, even with the injuries they've had. They are really only 1 play per game from being undefeated, so DON'T PANIC! BTW, I was very excited by Denis Dixon's play last night. I hope they can work him in as more than a second string QB and maybe run some wild-cat-type plays with him with Ben in there.
10 :
I think it's fantastic. The Steeler fans (real and bandwagon) flooded this site all off season with their arrogant crap and I think it's great that they have mostly went into hiding.
11 :
i like in ohio and would like to c a real team an coach in cleveland though ,this is ridiculous

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