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Pittsburgh, flying, and Embraer ERJ-145

Pittsburgh, flying, and Embraer ERJ-145?
I'm flying solo for the first time on this jet. I'm a little scared of the smallness of the plane and the fact that I'll be seated in the seats with one row. I'm headed to Pittsburgh in late March. I know the weather factors into the bumpiness of the ride, and I'm not sure what the weather will be like when I fly. But, in general how much do I need to worry about the flight. Should I try to switch flights to a larger plane? Oh and I'm claustrophobic too. Thanks!
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This is just mind over matter here. Statistically, you're 7 times more likely to die on the car ride to the airport than on the plane. Pittsburgh should still be cool in March so you should get a calm flight. Flights in the morning or evening are smoother than mid-day (due to increased thermals during the daytime that cause turbulence.)
2 :
Embraer jets have a good saftey record. They are strastically as safe as any larger jet. I wont lie though, claustrophobia could be an issue. Im not sure how severe it is, but those planes do feel cramped.. to everyone. If you feel this coule be a major problem, you might want to look into alternatives.
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Even though the ERJ is not as big as a Boeing 737 or Airbus 320, it is still a jet so you should not have to worry about the safety of this aircraft. I have flown in one of these aircraft and it is fine. The thing is that most of the flights that go into Pittsburgh are now operated by regional jets. Plus if you switch flights, you may incur a penalty. Try bringing an iPod or a good book to read to keep your mind off of things. The flight should not be that long.
4 :
I'm actually scared to fly, but have to do it all the time for my job. I think these Embraer small jets are actually better to fly in than the big ones because to me, it feels "smoother" for some reason. Takeoff and landing seems shorter, and they fly a lot faster than the big jets. The one-seat side is awesome because you don't have another passenger crammed into your space. I think you are getting this plane confused with the small propeller commuter planes, like the one that crashed in NY recently. Those are crazy turbulent and make me want to vomit and pee my pants at the same time. I'll never set foot on one of those again. But you will be fine in this small jet - there are no propellers. It has two jet engines just like the big planes. It's not bad at all, I promise.

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