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Pittsburgh International Airport... eep!!

Pittsburgh International Airport... eep!!?
I'm flying for the first time ever (by myself at that!) from Pittsburgh International to Indianapolis to see my brother right over Easter. I was just wondering how on earth you go about check ins and security and tickets and all that fun stuff... I am looking into buying an "electronic ticket"?? on Travelocity, and it says that its $50 extra to get a paper ticket. Don't I need something to show that I have the ticket? Or do they tell me to print something out? I'm so lost... Also, how do check ins go? I'm only taking a carry-on suitcase that my mom used on her flight to Orlando. Also, she took a backpack as another carry-on. What am I allowed to do on the plane? I know I have to have my phone and Blackberry off. Can I take a cd player? What about laptops? Do they count as a piece of luggage themselves or can I just pack it in a bigger piece of luggage.... Sorry for the 50 questions, I'm just nervous! Not about the flying part, but the before and after parts!!!
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Paper tickets are very 20th century ... electronic tickets are now the standard. I would stay away from Traveocity and the other consolidators, UNLESS you have already checked the airline websites and found a better price. Say, Travelocity offers you a ticket for X dollars, chances are, you could get the ticket for the same price from the website of whatever airline they are selling - but you would have the protection of having booked directly with the airline in the event of delay, cancellation, reroute or whatever. If you have a e-ticket, you can check in on line using the printed confirmation you will receive. If you opt to go with a paper ticket, you will need to wait at the airport. You can check two bags, and carry on one plus a "personal item", in your case, your laptop. Write if you need further answers.
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When you get an e-ticket, you'll arrive at the airport, find the desks of your airline and check-in. There, they'll print your ticket and take your checked luggage from you. You'll then go through security where you'll need to put all of your belongs through, and possibly your shoes too (make sure to keep your boarding pass and id in your hand when you go through). You'll then go to your gate and wait until your boarding time. They'll make announcements at your gate to tell you when you can board and all of that. You're allowed one carry on and a personal item (purse, laptop, etc. (put your cd player and phone in one of them)) Once on the plane, they'll give you a speech about what to do in case of an emergency and tell you to turn off all electronic devices. When your plane reaches it's cruising altitude (usually about 15-20 minutes after you take off) you'll be allowed to use your cd player or other electronics (not including your phone or blackberry). About 20 minutes before landing, they'll again tell you to turn off your electronics. As soon as your plane lands, they'll let you know it's safe to use your phone but nothing else. You'll stay on the plane until they have everything ready to de-plane and then you'll get off, meet your brother and get your bags. None of this is a big deal- there will be signs for EVERYTHING with arrows and such. My one hint is to chew gum through your flight to help prevent your ears from popping too bad (especially when taking off). Good luck and have fun!
3 :
Ha! I love this question- I know Pittsburgh's airport very well, it's actually a really nice airport. As soon as you get into the terminal area you'll feel calm. You don't need a physical ticket, etickets are fine. You should print out your travelocity web page though, with the itinerary, so that you know your flight numbers, etc. And of course the phone # of whoever you're meeting. You have a cell? Tell your brother what your flight number is so he can find the terminal and be waiting for you. When you get in, find your airline's check-in counter (there will be rows of them) and wait in line to talk to a rep to check in. They may make you use the e-checkin thing, but they'll tell you how. Get to the airport early. You probably are nervous enough that you will be plenty early. I get there an hour and a half early for domestic. You can have a cd player and a laptop but turn it off when they say to over the PA system "please turn off electronic devices" etc etc. (Although you know you don't need BOTH a cd player and a laptop because your laptop plays cd's right?). Yes pack the laptop and cd player in your carry on. Also you can't bring liquids in containers more than 3 ounces. It's totally lame. You may was well just not bring any liquids. Food you can bring, but that's a short flight. I've flown from that airport to indiana MANY times. So I've done your flight before a lot.

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