Saturday, December 1, 2012

where can i find out if an airplane made it safely

where can i find out if an airplane made it safely?
to its destination city. my mom flew out of miami today to pittsburgh. i havnt heard from her yet. the weather in pittsburgh was really windy they have a wind advisory rite now and miami was sunny today. i dont know the flight number but it was southwest airlines. i havnt heard anything about plane crashes so is everything okay?
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1 :
go and check flight status on southwest airlines and just go type in where the airplane was going from and it's destination
2 :
Go the the airlines website and find the "flight status" page (it's usually linked on the homepage somwhere). Enter in the departure and destination airports, along with approximate timeframe. From there, it will show you all the flights which fit the criteria and what their statuses are. Your mom's flight should show up. Also, note that serious plane crashes are extremely rare. I wouldn't worry about it all. Just keep checking the flight status and leave your mom a message to call you back when she gets in.
3 :
Check Southwest's flight status Web page: Southwest has a perfect safety record (no passenger or crew fatalities, ever), so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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