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Help. ?? Looking for a flight...

Help. ?? Looking for a flight...?
Umm...I'm not very good at finding the best deals...can somebody help me out?? I'm looking for a round- trip flight to Los Angeles, CA and I'll be departing from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm hoping to leave somewhere around May 31 maybe a few days after. And I plan to return around June 21st. I hoping for a non-stop flight, but its definitly not necessary, I'm just trying to find the cheapest flight possible. Can anyone help?? Thanks. =]
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Try or others like it.... I did a quick search and estimated cost is $261 plus tax. Here are some other sites to try: There are lots of sites out there... just find the best deal and make sure you read everything before you give your money. Sometimes it can be quite beneficial to go directly though the airline. Find out what airlines fly out of Pitsburg to LA. I know that American Airlines, and Northwest does. Go to their site and check that out too. Good luck and have fun!!!
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Try and put in the dates and places, and it searches tons of engines by airlines and by companies like orbitz and travelocity. Good Luck.
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I use when searching for flights.
4 : try the following as well and the airline directly hope this helps ^..^

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