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Part of my flight tomorrow w/ United got cancelled. What are my options

Part of my flight tomorrow w/ United got cancelled. What are my options?
I have a flight tomorrow morning with United. I got a vague voicemail a few hours ago concerning a cancellation. I check my alerts on and it says my 2nd leg of the trip has been cancelled (Dulles to Pitt). There is a a flight that leaves 4 hours later, but it will not get me to Pittsburgh in time for my appointment. Since they told me in advance, what can I do about this? Can I cancel the whole trip and get a refund or use that ticket at another time? (I could catch the Greyhound instead :( )Or can United put me on a flight with a different carrier?
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You have to call United and ask.
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Contact United Reservations. Be nice. They may put you on another airline. 1-800-United-1 Here's a hint on getting through their phone maze: There's an introductory message, then you'll get to a nicer-sounding voice. Each time he asks a question, just say "agent." He'll say "Did you say agent?" "Yes." Then he'll ask if it's domestic. Say yes. You'll get to a live person much quicker.
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If another flight with another airline is available to get you there earlier, then they will most likely offer to do this. If they don't, ask them what their "Rule 240" says about this (which should get their attention, because it says exactly this!). If they can not find suitable flights for you, then you are due a timely refund via the same method you used to pay for the flight.
4 :
All opition is open, you can choose the best and airlines availability, you need to get on airport counter earlier, maybe the easiest is get on another airline( US airways coseshare with united, and lot of flights to pittsburgh)

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