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How to move a bird across country

How to move a bird across country?
I have a year old Cockatiel named Noah who is the centre of my life. I have to move in Jan. from Pittsburgh, PA to Odessa Texas. I would like to be able to have him travel with me, but so far have not found an airline with a flight to Pgh-Odessa that allows Birds. If this is not possible, what are some good ways to have Noah transported to Texas once I am there? Will this trip harm him in anyway with stress? Thanks!
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write down your new address and tie it too his leg, then let him go. he has wings that will take care of the rest :)
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um the other guys comment s stupid
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Birds Cannot Be Put In the Stocking Area. Cockatiels are notoriously sensitive to things that scare them. You HAVE to travel with him. You need to get a small travel cage that you can bring on board, and stuff him in it (preferable with a bit of cage-training prior) Get a cage designed for 1 tiny bird with a door large enough for Noah. You can stuff him in there (my birds always want to come out of their own from a cage like that) and travel. It would be counted as a carryon. I would put one low-set perch in there and a BIT of food. Don't bother with water, bring a water bottle and offer him some out of the cap (you may want to train him prior on this too). Bring a bit of cloth for a cage cover. Get used to talking to him in a soothing voice the entire trip, sing to him softly or whatever you do to calm him if he gets freaked. Do Not Allow Him Out. Pets are allowed to travel in the normal sitting area, as long as they are small. As far as who allows exactly what, that's up to the airline. You need to call them directly and say that you don't know their policy on carrying a bird, but being carried in the stock area would kill a bird with stress, he may severely hurt himself in a larger cage if he's flying around trying to get out from the fear of the plane.
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Some airlines do not allow pets in the cabin to protect others from allergic reactions. Others charge up to a hundred dollars for a carry on. It is even more to ship them if you can do it in the winter weather. No way would I allow it to go in the luggage compartment. If you drove ,you could take it in the car but otherwise there is no easy solution except to keep making phone calls. If worst comes to worse you may be forced to rehome your bird.
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My son flew with my first Sun Conure from South Carolina to Washington state with no problems. He kept Sammy in the seat next to him. Good luck.

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