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We want to bring our Soft Coated Wheaten to Hawaii from Pittsburgh, PA

We want to bring our Soft Coated Wheaten to Hawaii from Pittsburgh, PA?
We are doing the 5 day program ( eligible in December) but are torn about how to do it.I want to send him by in-cabin on a charter flight. Don't know the cost yet. My wife wants him in cargo which i believe isn't the best for any pets. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Can't you leave it with somebody at home? 5 days from Pittsburgh to Hawaii is an enormous stress for him (or her). - Or do I miss anything here? Is it the dog that has to be in Hawaii? Then do it in-cabin. Never cargo. He will scared to bits with nobody to check on him. And if the air conditioning fails, well then don't even think about it. Cargo air conditioning is often not what it should be. Please also think about having him back to Pittsburgh. Find out (if you don't already know) the conditions on that. I know the US are frantic about anything non-human that comes from the islands. You even have to pack pineapples into special cardboard containers. They might be a nuisance with a dog returning from there.
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Aphraar knows nothing about this subject, obviously. I am assuming that you are moving to Hawaii and not just visiting. If you are visiting, please leave your pet at home. It's just not worth it to bring an animal here for a short vacation. (Why anyone would take a pet on vacation is beyond me anyway.) If you are moving here, I hope you're familiar with this website: It seems like you might be since you referenced the "5 day program." If you haven't followed all of the quarantine instructions to the letter, your pet will have to stay in quarantine once he arrives in Hawaii. There is nothing wrong with your pet flying in cargo. Animals do it all the time -- including my own dog when I first moved to Hawaii in 2000. She was 100% fine when we arrived in Hawaii (we visited her at the quarantine station on Oahu before we went on to the Big Island -- quarantine was a mandatory 30 day minimum at the time). Your dog, your money, your peace of mind. Do what you want, but I am reasonably sure your pet will be fine in cargo. Seriously? Air conditioning failure? What airline is the above poster flying on? Sheesh. For someone who claims to have lived in Hawaii, I find it odd that Aphraar calls the mainland "the US." Um...Hawaii has been part of the U.S. for 51 years now, toots. Not only that, but it's Hawaii that doesn't want foreign species being introduced from the mainland, not the other way around. Fruits and plants that are purchased in Hawaii have to go through agricultural inspection before leaving the state, but that's it. It has nothing to do with animals. (Besides, if you're moving here, you aren't planning to return Fido to PA anyway, are you?) Sorry for the rant, but I can't stand it when ill-informed people think they know what they're talking about and then try to lead others astray as well.

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