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How can I burn movies I already own onto my laptop

How can I burn movies I already own onto my laptop?
I'm going on a ten hour flight from Pittsburgh to Rome next week & I wanted to burn some of my DVD's that I own onto my laptop so I can watch movies on the flight. Is there anyway I can do this? This kid that I work with was explaining to me that there's something called a dix or div or something like that but I have no idea what that is or how I could do that. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505. Thank you :-)
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You mean "rip"... not "burn". Anyway, it is illegal to rip copyprotected DVDs, even if you own the disc. If the DVD isn't copyprotected, then you can just drag the file contents of the disc onto your computer and it should play from there.
2 :
WinX DVD Ripper. However ownership of the physical DVD does not include right to upload the content back onto the web - legally regarded as unauthorized copying
3 :
I dont think it is illegal to RIP your own movies to make backups of them or else microsofts OWN windows media player would not allow it lol, You could go google and type dvd ripper. Download one, then follow instructions. Your friend was saying divx. Those are movies you can download from the internet to your pc. Divx is the format of the video which requires a divx player or at least codecs for windows media player. You CAN download movies from internet but unreliable sometimes. I would just use a dvd ripper and copy them to harddrive. hope its legal!
4 :
You "rip" music and movies off of a CD or DVD, not burn them on to your laptop. You "burn" things to CDs or DVDs and not to hard drives on computers. Now that we've got that terminology straight, we'll move on to the next. It sounds like your friend was talking about DivX; although, I'm not aware that DivX will rip DVDs. Perhaps someone else here knows of something that will rip DVDs..
5 :
Use DVD Decrypter to rip the content, then use DVD Shrink to back them up to DVD. You'll also need a DVD burn utility(Nero). Talk to a copy write attorney for legal advise.
6 :
First you should have installed Nero on your PC. Then run the Nero and click on 'Make a data disc' Then give the address of those films on your hard, then burn it. Good Luck
7 :
I use magic dvd ripper what others are saying is true, making a backup is not illegal but bypassing any security on that dvd to make that backup is a violation of the dmca. word of caution, us customs could legally confiscate your laptop and hold it for weeks when you return for absolutely no reason.
8 :
I suggest that you use Wondershare DVD Ripper . It can : " Ripping DVD to iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, XBOX360,Copy DVD9 to DVD5 with fast speed." You can search it throuth this link :;_ylt=A0oGkm4l6AlLjzMAXY1XNyoA? Hope this software is you want !
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You can directly copy video dvd to your notepad hard drive, you can try RZ DVD COPY, it can directly copy video DVD to hard disk DVD folder, or to hard disk ISO file. You can yahoo or google search and download "RZ DVD COPY", work well on my computer, easy to use, good quality, hope it can help you.

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