Tuesday, June 21, 2011

how much would it cost to travel from pittsburgh PA to north korea

how much would it cost to travel from pittsburgh PA to north korea?
also about how long is the flight? I wanted to say South Korea not North. opps
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1 :
Y would you want to go to NK you might get bombed:(
2 :
Are you serious? It may cost your life. Anyway, you have to deal with a lot of paperwork and documents before you leave for North Korea. There is no US embassy or US consulate in North Korea and the government can not protect you if anything happens. There is no flight to NK, so you have to go to China first and get a flight to that hermit kingdom. Why don't you visit South Korea? It would be much safer and more interesting than North Korea.
3 :
Have you checked the visa requirements to entry NK. I doubt they have direct flights. I hope you know what the hell your doing.
4 :
It will cost your life because N. Korean missiles will shoot your air plane down.
5 :
do they even let people in? they have such a strict government! i wouldn't wanna go there. this worker/owner from a factory was killed in front of 150,000 people just for making an long distance call. why not SOUTH korea?

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