Monday, February 14, 2011

Will I be able to watch the Super Bowl on my flight

Will I be able to watch the Super Bowl on my flight?
I'm flying from Dallas to Puerto Rico on Super Bowl Sunday and my team (Pittsburgh Steelers) will be playing. I will definitely be in flight while the game is on. I'm trying to find out if the airline might be able to show the game live on my flight. It's an American Airlines flight and they usually only show CBS shows and the Super Bowl is on NBC, but I thought maybe airlines made an exception for the Super Bowl.
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1 :
You have to ask them they have there on flight shows they use.
2 :
no they wont, maybe if ur flying first class just bring a laptop and watch it online
3 :
Ask flight attendant
4 :
i would think so its the most televised event in the u.s. and i hope so for you. and by the way im for the steelers too
5 :
Every time that I have flown, the shows that they have shown have been prerecorded. I don't think that they show any live television. So, sorry but I don't think that you will be able to watch the Super Bowl on your flight.
6 :
If I were u I wouldn't watch it because the Steelers suck.
7 :
No, American Airlines uses tapes on their flights in which they have inflight entertainment. Some airlines do have inflight television, namely JetBlue and Frontier, but American is not one of them.

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