Monday, February 7, 2011

Question about flight dates. When is it best for me to book

Question about flight dates. When is it best for me to book?
I am planning at trip to Los Angeles in Sept. Most of the tickets I found are around 300+ I am flying out of Pittsburgh. Last year I got tickets to LA for about 220/ticket. Anyway, my question is should I wait and purchase my tickets closer to my travel date or should I book now?
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Well, I would call the airline you are flying with, and see if they have them cheaper over the phone. Usually they are about $20-$50 cheaper on the phone directly from the airline. Then you can decide to book or not
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Airline tickets are not usually cheaper if you call the airline by phone, as stated in a previous answer. In fact, they usually cost more if you do that. Most (but not all) domestic airlines charge you a service fee to book over the phone. It will be cheaper to book online if you know how to do it. Even if the website has a service fee, it is usually cheaper than the airline's telephone booking fee. Obviously, no one, including the airlines, can predict when airfares will be cheapest between now and September. (If any of us could do that, we would use our power to predict the future and become filthy rich on the stock market. We wouldn't waste our time on Yahoo Answers!) Airlines limit the number of discount seats per flight. Once they sell out, you pay more. Maybe much more. When will that happen? No one knows. Airlines also constantly adjust prices based on demand. If flights are selling strongly, they may raise fares or reduce the number of discount seats. If they are selling poorly, they may reduce fares or increase the number of discount seats. Will either of those happen? Probably? Which way will it go and when will it happen? No one knows. In general, you're better off to buy early because of the limited number of discount seats. However, fares could go down later. It's impossible to predict.
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