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Flight Question (staying in connector city)

Flight Question (staying in connector city)?
So I am going from Pittsburgh to Atlanta in a few weeks. One of my friends is driving from Charlotte to Atlanta. I was checking flights to both Char and ATL to see what was cheaper. The flight from Pitt to ATL was $256, while the flight from Pitt to Char was only $158. But the thing is the flight from Pitt to Char connects in ATL. What im asking is it possible to get the cheaper flight (Pitt-ATL-Char) but never fly from ATL-Char and just stay in ATL. I wouldnt be checking any bags. Thanks.
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I wouldn't. If you do this, the airline can and will cancel your return leg back to PIT. You can pull this stunt on a one-way ticket, but not on a round trip.
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sometimes making connections is cheaper then nonstop flight (also depends on the airline too) like I found flight from Lax- CLT (via dfw for $210.00 (on american) while US airways nonstop is double that )
3 :
Your return trip will definitely get cancelled. Delta uses Sabre for their reservation program. That doesn't mean anything to you, but it means a lot to us who work in the industry. Basically, when you don't show as checked in when the cut-off time is reached, then the computer system automatically cancels your trip. The only way to resurrect that reservation is to go to an agent or call Delta. They will charge you a lot more money in change fees to re-book another flight. Another thing to consider is the security measures. The second you get off in Atlanta and not board again, that will send a flag to your reservation and you could very well end up on the Selectee list for TSA. That means that the next time you fly, you can get selected for extra screening. Yeah, you'll save some money, but you'll get noticed doing it by someone or a computer program. I would just buy either just a one-way, or just a roundtrip that is a bit more expensive.

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