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Questions about flying with my children for the first time

Questions about flying with my children for the first time?
We are flying from Pittsburgh to Honolulu in April. This will be the first time my children will be flying. They are ages 10 and 6. What do I need to bring for them to the airport for security purposes?( i.e some type of identification, health records?) I want to be prepared. Any other advice for their first flight would be appreciated. Thank you.
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You don't need identification or health records to get past security. Just their ticket. You can take a bag with crayons, coloring books, reading books, dvd player w/ movies, small toys...things to keep them busy. Have fun!
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hmmmm, well of course make sure to have a passport, bring lots of stuff to keep them busy, not to be rude, but the worst thing is flying next to children! I got stuck on a 13 hour flight from LA to Osaka Japan, and had the great expierence of sitting next to a 5 year old that would not quit bugging me! hahaha the worst part is that the mother was sitting there listening to her ipod and drinking vodka and not even paying attention to her kid. ( not saying in any way that you would do that) but that was my worst flight ever. so my point.....bring stuff to keep them occupied (ie, coloring books, music, markers, stuff like that) oh and bring a few pillows, the airplane pillows suck!
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You don't need anything for security, just your own id. I always pack my kids a small backpack. I put gummies in it going up and comming down. It helps thier ears pop and makes it more comfortable. I also pick up a new small toy for them to take. Something easy to play with in their seat either art or imagination related. No small parts or wheels (hot wheels can roll down the aisle!) Lastly, put in some reading books, workbooks and extra snacks. You can buy water bottles in the terminal after security. I put all this in their backpack and don't let them open it until we are at least checked in and in the terminal. They really enjoy the surprise and it has worked well for me. After a while they usually sleep. Good Luck and have a fun trip!
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You don't need a passport for Honolulu. Its a US state. Here is a website that will help with traveling with kids.
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Snacks are good, DVD players a must,favorite toys, extra change of clothes for emergencies,
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I'm a former Flight Attendant and I now fly a lot with my own three children, ages 8, 6 & 3, both internationally and within Europe. It would be a good idea to bring a certified birth certificate but they may not ask for anything. Photo id is usually not required for those under 18 but check with your airline. If you want, you can contact your local DMV office and see about getting an official photo ID for each of them. This isn't required but might be a good idea. Taking health records is also advised, especially if either/both have any medical conditions. These wont be necessary though, for the airlines. Talk to them about the trip. Generally, at this age, they like flying and find it an adventure. I never had any problems with kids this age, except for getting airsick so be prepared especially if the little one has a history of motion sickness. If possible, take them down to the airport to take a look. Security is the only remotely scary part of flying for kids this age. For the younger one, there are some good books on the subject. Here's a good link from the TSA; Go through the whole experience, step by step and mention the emergency briefing they do onboard. Warn them about taking off shoes in security. Remind them of how safe flying is, that most F/A's and pilots retire and never have any sort of emergency. For entertainment, they can tell you what they want to take. Make sure they're clear about turning electronic toys off for take-off and landing. Get new items, new books, magazines, movie if you're bringing a portable DVD player, etc. and save them for the trip (hiding them from the younger one if needed). For electronic gizmos, make sure they're juiced up! You usually can't recharge them on the airplane and I hated telling kids that, especially with many more hours to fly. Bring the recharger and do the deed on the ground between flights. For a portable DVD player, get one with at least 5 hours playtime or buy a second battery. I keep it with me and only allow it in the air since it's breakable. Turn the screen light to low to save battery life. You may want to bring a change of clothes for each in case of spills, or just for the younger one. I also suggest some sort of alternate drinking device like a sippy cup or those sports bottles. I prefer these in the air since those small cups overturn all the time. Just for your information, if the younger one still uses a booster, he wont need it onboard. Some parents bring it just so they don't get lost or damaged in the hold. Otherwise, get ready for Hawaii! I love it there. Skip Honolulu and head elsewhere for better beaches and scenery. Have a really great time!

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