Friday, June 1, 2012

can i carry it on a us airways flight

can i carry it on a us airways flight?
I am Flying from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Kona, Hawai,i can i carry on my digital camera
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1 :
Yes you can... Cameras are allowed inside the cabin.
2 :
You can definitely bring your digital camera. I have done it many times. Just remember to bring some extra batteries with you. Everything costs more in Hawaii except the pineapples.
3 :
yes that's allow of course and do not check it -carry it with you also dont forgot the batteries! and memory card either -
4 :
Yes, no problem. You will need to ensure it and any other electrical Equipment is switched off during takeoff and landing
5 :
Yes. You just can't have it turned on while the "Turn off electronics" light is on.

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