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How can I save the most money on a Transatlantic flight

How can I save the most money on a Transatlantic flight?
Im going to Cologne, Germany from Pittsburgh, PA this summer, and I was wondering how can I save the most money on flights? for example: Does my route depend on how much I spend? Time of year depend? Will airline tickets decrease soon? I will be picked up where ever I go, they are willing to travel to Cologne, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Amsterdam or anywhere near there. Any help will be appreciated! and does the day of the week or the time of day depend on how much money I can save?
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Book it FAR in advance. That is the only way to assure you get the best price. If you go onto expedia or travelocity, it will also give you the cheapest price first, so you can choose that. More stopovers does not always mean cheaper as you may have more taxes to pay for the extra airports you will be stopping at. it is more expensive generally in Jul, Aug, Sep and who knows about prices. They go up and down so much it's hard to say. It will probably be cheaper to fly into a bigger city, like Amsterdam, as there are more flights going there.
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agreed- I'd book it now/soon... I know of this Travelocity partner agency that will book/plan your trip at no cost and they specialize in international travel! Give them a try- you can get a quote online or over the phone- go to, click "concierge" and either call or request a quote online. Mention that website and that I sent ya and they'll get you all set up. The director of travel there is fabulous! ~Angela

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