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What is a nice restaurant near the Pittsburgh airport

What is a nice restaurant near the Pittsburgh airport?
Me and my girlfriend will be staying overnight in a hotel in Pittsburgh this Wednesday because we have an early morning flight to Arizona on Thursday. I am looking for a nice restaurant near the airport to take her to. I want one that we would dress up to go to. I want it to be very nice. Money really isn't a big factor, but the cheaper is always better. But again, i just want it to be nice... ill pay the price. Anyone know of any?? It doesnt HAVE to be right near the airport. Just, the closer the better. I just need somewhere nice... not red lobster (no offense)
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The place you want to go is Robinson Town Centre. They have Red Lobster, Don Pablos, Longhorn Steakhouse and more. There isn't really anything that great by the airport. I was in Pittsburgh last month and stayed at a hotel by the airport. It's mostly fast food like McDonalds and KFC in that area.

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