Saturday, August 21, 2010

Does anybody have an offer code for Continental Airline's website booking

Does anybody have an offer code for Continental Airline's website booking?
I am trying to book a flight between pittsburgh and cleveland and they are charging an outrageous amount of money and I need to get to cleveland for christmas!!! i do not own a car
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Why did you wait until now to book your flights? That was silly. What dates do you want to fly to and from Cleveland? I booked a $12,000 ticket earlier today...Was it more outrageous than that? BF USD TX USD YC TAX XY TAX TOTAL USD 001- 11957.00 69.94 5.50 7.00 12039.44 AS BOOKED LOWEST FARE ALREADY BOOKED IN THIS COMPARTMENT
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Wish I could help you on price but waiting this late to fly during the holiday season leaves you wide open for getting price-gauged by the airlines. If you're going to get stuck with the high holiday fare, you might as well obtain the cheapest you can. You can do this by going to several of the online travel booking engines who are usually cheaper than even what you can obtain from the airlines on their own websites. Be careful to consider the cost of taxes and fees that some online travel booking websites DO NOT add to their price quote until you are ready to give them the credit card number. My price shopping my favorite is: They offer several airlines pricing side by side so you select the best for you and all prices include taxes and fees. To give yourself more of a warm fuzzy about the pricing, you can also compare the same airline, flight number and price to that offered by other websites such as: Best of luck in your holiday travels!
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Have you tried Greyhound Bus lines? I just looked and found a fare between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH for $65 roundtrip. The bus trip is only 2 1/2 hours.
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See if has any promo codes. I doubt you will be able to get a really cheap airline ticket for Christmas since you waited so long. See if US Airways has anything as well. Otherwise you may have to rent a car. I think that would be cheaper than flying.

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