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I only have a 1/2 hour before my connecting flight leaves. Is this enough time

I only have a 1/2 hour before my connecting flight leaves. Is this enough time???
What are the chances that I will miss the connecting flight? I will be arrive in Pittsburgh at 7:53AM and my connecting flight to LA leaves at 8:30 AM. Don't have a lot of flying experience.
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1 :
You should be ok, as long as you don't have to change airlines.
2 :
As soon as the first flight lands, immediately go to the other gate. As long as you're already waiting for it, you won't miss it! I'm going on a flight in a few weeks myself. I plan to wait right at the gate for my connector to come, no matter how long off it is!!
3 :
Carry on all of your luggage. Trust me!
4 :
Yes,You should make it.
5 :
u will miss it if u keep wasting ur time askin us bout it!
6 :
You should be able to make the connection, although the Pittsburgh airport is quite large. If the flight is from the same terminal, you could be OK. It's even possible the gates will be close together. Generally, I've found that flights these days actually arrive early because airlines "pad" their flight times to improve their "ontime arrival" numbers. One suggestion: wear comfortable shoes (sneakers or running shoes), just in case you have to do some serious walking (and I hope not running). Enjoy the flight!
7 :
Yes, flights are more likely to delay and they rarely leave early.
8 :
that's plenty of time. don't stop off anywhere in the airport til you get to your next gate. then you can look at the time and explore nearby. but that's plenty of time. I've 10 mins between connection flights because my plane got delayed in the air. now that sucked. didn't even get a restroom break. i hate bathrooms on a plane.
9 :
More than likely, you will be OK. But, it also depends on how far your next terminal is. I would look at a map of the airport to get an idea. Don't waste anytime getting off the plane, as soon as you can, get off and go. Try to get any carry-ons out before they start letting people out so you are ready to go. If you don't know where you will be going, ask someone once you get off the plane. Wait to do anything until you get to the connecting flight to avoid missing it. As long as your flights arrive on time, early is best, and the other plane doesn't leave early, you should be fine. If worst comes to worst, they will try and find you another flight out. Good luck! Have a great trip!

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