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When about to take off on a commercial flight, did you ever have second thoughts

When about to take off on a commercial flight, did you ever have second thoughts?
On one of my last trips home from Denver, the Captain was giving his usual spiel about this is your captain speaking and the cruising altitude etc and then he says " Again, Welcome aboard Flight blah blah blah(I don't remember the #), non stop to uh uh uh Pittsburgh!" My thought was, I'm outa here if the Captain doesn't even know where we're going! I posted this under jokes, but it really did happen to me. ;-)
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So in some country the pilot was doing his usual spiel but then he started slurring so the people were like i want to see the captain and he came out drunk
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wow , If that happened to me , I would be shaking my heads wondering WHAT the captain had been nipping at . Maybe he was tired or under the influence . either way , SCARY , lol. D :)
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LOL =]
5 :
On a plane to Malta the Steward came over the intercom and said 'Mrs ...... feels she can't fly today.' And they took the woman's luggage off! And I thought 'what if she's a psychic and she KNOWS something?' And I wasn't happy. Then we landed and it was fine. So ..... LOL ... about 2 days before the end of the holiday I suddenly thought 'What if it's the flight BACK she was worried about.' We landed safely or I wouldn't be here, typing! I agree with you though - they should, at the very least, know where they are going!
6 :
Nah! Never had second thoughts! More people die on the road!!!.
7 :
I have second thoughts every time I fly. I am a big chicken. It does not matter to me that statistics tell us more people die in car crashes than in plane crashes. I at least feel somewhat in control when I am driving.
8 :
There used to be a website called "" which would calculate the odds of you being 'fatally inconvenienced' during your flight. You'd input the airline, aircraft type, airport you were flying from, airport you were flying to, the date of the flight, etc. and it would give you a figure. About 30,000,000-1 against when flying a major European airline between London and, say, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid. As low as a few thousand to one against if you're flying from Pakistan to Kazakhstan with some unknown airline operating clanky old propeller-driven Tupolevs in the middle of winter. Shame it's gone. Good for reassuring nervous flyers....
9 :
I've only been on a commercial flight once and that was in 1987. That was enough for me. I'll drive.
10 :
Once the captain got on and he was slurring his words (Eastern Airlines). I complained to the flight attendant and this guy turned the mike over to someone else. Another time when I was a teen going across country, I looked over and one of the engines on the right was on fire. I called the flight attendant and asked her "Do you think the engine should be on fire?" She looked out the window, turned white, strapped herself in and telephoned the cockpit. Within a minute the fire had gone out, or so it seems. We landed 20 minutes later in Columbus Ohio, but they didn't even buy me lunch. Funny! We caught another plane in a few hours to continue our trip to California.
11 :
No. I have flown several times in my life, and i love it! It's such a thrill. My second experience was in 1973 when i went to Europe with my sister. We sat in the very back of the plane. There was a lot of turbulence. the pilot reassured us that this was normal considering we were flying over the Atlantic ocean. When we arrived in London, I was so sick to my stomach, we needed to find a Dr..We had a connecting flight to Stockholm in 4 hrs. Not sure I was gonna make it. I hated to get back on another flight but I did. I ended up getting to a dr. there and he prescribed suppositories, (quickest) to work for nausea. I was fine in 2 days. And to top it off, We stayed on a house boat in the canal in the heart of the city. More motion. I got used to that. All in all it was a flight I'll never forget!! :)

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