Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Changing terminals in Philadelphia International

Changing terminals in Philadelphia International??
Im flying from Providence into Phili next sat, with a 75 minute layover before I need to connect with my flight to Pittsburgh. I checked the flight boards and maps online and it seems to me that Southwest flies into terminal D and E. If I have to switch terminals will I need to go through secruity again, causing me to have to sprint through the 75 minutes too short? I have an early flight so I doubt my flight will be delayed (unless poor weather/mechanical issues) Any help will be greatly appriciated! :-D
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During a connection, you do not have to go through security again and if you are doing a connection on the same airline (southwest to southwest) you don't have to worry about checked luggage it will be there at the end of your travels. Terminal D to Terminal E at Philly airport isn't too bad and there are people who drive golfcarts if you are exhausted and need assistance they can offer you a ride.

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