Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can I Take These Items In My Carry-On

Can I Take These Items In My Carry-On?
I have a direct flight from the Pittsburgh National Airport to Myrtle Beach and I wanted to take a camcorder, a pencil, and a note book in my carry-on. Are these items allowed?
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Yes, they're all allowed. They'll make you shut down your camcorder before the plane takes off (just in case you have it on), but all of these items are allowed. They're looking for things like sharp objects such as pocket knives, scissors, needles, all things we may have in our bags & forget about. Electronics are fine as long as they're not in use during take off or landing. Oh they do will not let you bring any drinks at all, & any liquids you have, such as cremes can only be in 4 oz. bottles, only 3 or 4 bottles each & in a plastic baggy all together. Have a good trip!

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