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is this an international flight, and do i get the advantages that come with one

is this an international flight, and do i get the advantages that come with one?
i'm flying to calgary from my aunt's house in pittsburgh via minneapolis. my question is: is this (the flight from minneapolis to calgary) considered international? if so, can i check in a piece of luggage without having to pay? i'm flying on northwest, by the way. also, will i have to arrive at the airport 2 hours early or 90 minutes? thanks
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No, it is not considered international, just because it is still in North America. However, you will need to show a passport, so don't get confused by that. A lot of airlines have specific details regarding free luggage... I would check out the guidelines at the Northwest Airline's website. Arrive at the airport 2 hours early, because you are traveling out of the country and you will have to go through customs, which can take up to an hour if the plane is large. I hope I helped! check on the website for information! :-)
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Depends.. You forgot to mention what airline you're flying with. The trip in question is indeed International, because you will be crossing the border and therefore you need a valid passport (just a driver license won't do it). However, if you're worried about paying the baggage fee, I suggest you look it up directly on the airline's website what their baggage policy/fees are.. Most likely, what I see these days is that they only exempt you from the fee if you're traveling overseas (to Europe/Asia/Australia) and some are charging even for trips to Latin America (whilst others don't). As for time at the airport, I strongly suggest you be there 2 hours early - if everything goes right, you can spend time in the airport, shopping, snacking, and you guarantee your bags will make it with you. 90 minutes usually work if the airport is not so busy that day, but you're cutting just a bit short. I know people who are stubborn and only go there about 1 hour early.. They are the ones that usually end up without their checked bags at the other end...
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It crosses the border between two countries, so, yes, it is an international flight. Remember that you MUST have a passport in order to get past the security check before boarding. As far as luggage charges - call Northwest, please, or look on their website for specific information about your question. I would be there 2 hours ahead - just to be sure. It's much better to wait for a while than to be 5 minutes late.
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technically it is considered an international flight. you are crossing the border so make sure you have your passport. as for the luggage you need to call northwest about that, because even though its technically inernational northwest may not consider it that way when it comes to checking baggage. and you will have to arrive at the airport 2.5-3 hours before your departure. enjoy your flight.

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